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Cook and Clean Without Clogging the Drain

For many people that love to cook and spend time in the kitchen, we might never think about the many components that help us complete our everyday cooking and cleaning. Case in point – garbage disposals. This is one of the most essential parts of any kitchen, and sadly, it can go unnoticed until plumbing issues arise. If you live in Murfreesboro, TN, and are now noticing any issues with your garbage disposal, there is help available with Armor Air! We’ll help get to the root of your problem, offering you the best, high-quality garbage disposal installation and repair services so you can continue to use your kitchen in peace!

What is a Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposals are the part of your sink that helps get rid of scraps of food and garbage in your kitchen. It is located at the bottom of your kitchen sink, and with the push of a button or flip of a switch, it helps to get rid of solid food waste by mashing it up and sending it down the drain pipe.

It sounds simple, but if any issues occur with your garbage disposal, you’ll need to repair or replace the unit as soon as possible. Your garbage disposal presents an easy way to eliminate clogs towards the bottom of your sink, but if your unit is experiencing issues, serious clogs can quickly build up. As soon as you notice any issues, be sure to contact Armor Air for services.

Signs You Need Garbage Disposal Repair or Replacement

There are several signs that you need garbage disposal repair services or a complete replacement. Below are some of the signs that your garbage disposal needs repairs:

  • Loud crunching sounds: Garbage disposals will make whirring sounds when they are working. When it comes in contact with food waste, you’ll hear it grind up the food. However, loud noises like crunching sounds can signal that your garbage disposal is damaged and needs to be repaired due to damaged or loose parts. To avoid further damage, be sure to keep the garbage disposal turned off and contact Armor Air.
  • Not turning on: Your garbage disposal should be able to turn on and off with the touch of a button. If your garbage disposal is not turning on, this could signal an issue with the electrical system going into your garbage disposal or something else. Our technicians at Armor Air will get to the root of your garbage disposal issues.
  • Strange smells: Strange, foul odors can signal a clog in your garbage disposal that the system wasn’t able to grind completely. If your garbage disposal is having issues grinding up any food waste, contact Armor Air.

Benefits of Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement

When you notice any issues, we highly recommend getting expert help to repair or replace your garbage disposal. Some of the best reasons to get professional care include:


Your garbage disposal is comprised of lots of moving parts and dangerous blades. We want to make sure you stay safe, and we recommend calling an expert plumber to take a look at your garbage disposal. Attempting to do the garbage disposal troubleshooting on your own can lead to further damage or even bodily harm.

Better Efficiency

Instead of letting food waste pile up within your garbage disposal due to decreased efficiency, call us so we can repair your garbage disposal and improve the overall functioning of your kitchen.

Expand the Lifespan

Your garbage disposal can last you for years if properly taken care of. However, if you don’t take proper care of the system or neglect to repair it, you might find yourself needing to replace it sooner rather than later. Help extend the life of your disposal by asking about our Shield Protection Plan.

Why Choose Armor Air?

At Armor Air, we’re a small company that values each and every single one of our clients. The combined years of experience of our licensed plumbers can help you solve any plumbing issues, including a broken or damaged garbage disposal. We pride ourselves on offering emergency services, so your garbage disposal can be restored to working order in a timely manner.

We also have expert plumbers and HVAC technicians that can keep you informed of your garbage disposal repairs and your plumbing needs every step of the way! Our technicians value integrity, and will never try to up-sell you on things you don’t need. We believe everyone deserves access to high-quality plumbing and HVAC services, so don’t hesitate to call on Armor Air with any service needs including garbage disposal installation and repair services.

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