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We breathe in and out more than 22,000 times a day! Make sure the air that is going into your lungs is safe and healthy for the whole family to breathe by getting your indoor air quality tested by Armor Air. Indoor Air Quality tests conducted by an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) expert can open your eyes to the levels of contaminants in your home. Your home could have dangerous levels of radon, mold, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or other potentially harmful contaminants. Knowing what’s in your air can help you better determine the strategies and methods that can be deployed to clean your air, and ensure your family and pets are safe. 

Read on to learn more about Indoor Air Quality Tests, and consider giving Armor Air a call to set up an appointment. We’ve been helping your Murfreesboro area neighbors breathe easier, and we would be honored to help you do the same! 

What is an Indoor Air Quality Test?

An Indoor Air Quality Test measures the air inside your home for contaminants, allergens, and microorganisms; things that generally can cause health problems and have adverse effects on people with allergies or asthma. The standard test includes a visual inspection, air monitoring, and an evaluation of your HVAC system.

The results of the test will tell you how much of each indoor air pollutant is currently in your home’s air, and whether it’s healthy to breathe. Armor Air’s knowledgeable HVAC and Indoor Air Quality technicians will conduct the tests, help you interpret the results, and provide you with recommendations for operations and maintenance programs that will improve your home’s indoor air quality.

How Do You Test Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor Air Quality is determined using a series of different factors. A normal air quality test will focus on the following:

  1. Humidity
  2. Temperature
  3. VOC content 
  4. Levels of particulate matter
  5. Air Quality Index (AQI) 

If you are experiencing certain health issues and you suspect they may be related to the air quality in your home, you can purchase indoor air quality monitors at your local hardware store. If the readings from your store-bought monitor seem high, we recommend calling in a professional to do an in-person inspection. An experienced indoor air quality technician can identify the source of any potential issues, and provide an explanation for any areas of concern.

What Should Your Indoor Air be Tested For?

When it comes to testing your indoor air quality, you will need to see if your home’s air has dangerous levels of the following three pollutants:


Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer next to smoking. Radon gas comes from radioactive uranium in the soil and travels upward through cracks in a home’s foundation or basement. If a home has a radon level above safe screening levels, it is strongly recommended that a radon mitigation system be installed.


Mold is one of the most common issues tested for during an IAQ test. Mold spores are ever-present and can collect on air filters, evaporator coils, ductwork, and HVAC system drip pans. If allergy or asthma symptoms seem to be worsening, it’s likely caused by an unmitigated buildup of mold. 


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are dangerous chemicals found in homes and businesses. They can spread through contaminated water sources and through the air as vapor. Some common sources of VOCs include solvents, paints, air fresheners, aerosol sprays, and gasoline. If you’ve had work done in your home recently like painting or construction, you may want to consider duct cleaning to remove these chemicals from circulating in your home’s HVAC system.

What are the Benefits of an Indoor Air Quality Test?

Figuring out if there are dangerous contaminants in your indoor air, and deploying the necessary mitigation methods will give you and your family peace of mind. Other benefits of getting your indoor air quality tested include:

  • Mitigating allergy symptoms
  • Less severe asthma symptoms 
  • Better sleep 
  • Reduced chance of cancer, heart disease, and respiratory disease

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Feeling comfortable in your home doesn’t just involve your heating and cooling system. You also need to make sure the air that’s running through your HVAC system is clean and safe to breathe. Armor Air’s HVAC and indoor air quality specialists have the knowledge and experience to give you an accurate assessment of your home’s air quality, and, if necessary, provide you with a list of recommendations for next steps. We want everyone to be able to breathe easy! Give us a call today to set up your Murfreesboro area IAQ test.

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