Beech Grove, IN

Welcome to Beech Grove, Tennessee – a small town just south of Murfreesboro that is packed full of incredible places to visit and adventure. Whether you’re a local looking for an exciting way to explore the town or a tourist wanting to experience a unique destination, this is the perfect place for you! Located at the intersection of highways US 36 and US 5 in Marion County, Beech Grove is a vibrant, rural town with a population of 12,781 people. The town is known for its tree-lined streets and friendly people, giving it a homey, peaceful vibe. Beech Grove is steeped in history and offers plenty to explore and admire – with Native American heritage, the arrival of Spanish missionaries, and a nostalgic steam locomotive. Learn more here.

The city of Beech Grove provides visitors with plenty of fun places to explore and activities to do, most notably its historic City Park. There, visitors and locals alike can enjoy an 18-hole disc golf course, two baseball fields, four batting cages, and two playgrounds. The lush, green 62-acre park is also home to Cripe Cabin, a log house built in the 1830s. When you’re looking for a break from the outdoors, you can make your way to Orchard Grove Park and Rec Center, a recreation facility that includes a basketball court, soccer fields, and picnic areas. For visitors wanting to take a step back in time, Stiers Station is a must-see. This shopping center holds a vintage train depot and welcomes visitors to explore the days of steam locomotives. The arts are alive and well in Beech Grove and the city is home to many artistic events throughout the year. Arts on the Overpass is a popular event held twice a year and features artwork, music, and refreshments. The Passages Art Gallery is another great place to explore, with a wide selection of works from local artists. The Beech Grove Art Association also hosts painting classes and other events. Learn more about Speedway, IN.